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The cellar: our History & Production

"You need the best grapes" - said Giovanni Lodali in 1939 – "because wine is everywhere here and everyone knows about wine; if you don' t make wine and you haven' t made the right choices they go and buy elsewhere".

The story of this vineyard offers a vision of the tough existence in the Langa hills. It is the story of Giovanni Lodali, a peasant and the son of peasant, who began to make wine for the customers at his small restaurant in Treiso, the only one existing in what was then a small village.

After the war Giovanni constructed a house and large cellar, this being the period which created the roots and hopes for the Lodali family, linked to Treiso.
In 1955 his son Lorenzo obtained a diploma from the oenological school in Alba.
In 1958 Lorenzo, along with his wife Rita, produced his first vineyard selection:Barbaresco and Barolo, business went well and the wines were also sold abroad.

In 1982 Lorenzo died. Rita, with her newborn son Walter, found the courage to continue and decided to carry on with the project, concentrating on quality and typical characteristics.
Walter, in his turn obtaining a diploma from the oenological school in Alba, was an even younger heir to the family business. Already involved in the world of wine, he brought new life, caring for and improving the terrain of the Bric Sant' Ambrogio and Rocche dei Sette Fratelli vineyards. He renewed the equipment in the cellars, perfecting wine-making and production techniques.

In 2005 the vineyard produced the Lorens, (Lorenzo in the Piemonte dialect) Barolo and Barbaresco reserve wines, using selected grapes of the best years from the Bric San' t Ambrogio and Rocche dei Sette Fratelli vineyards.
Giovanni, Lorenzo and Walter: three generations with their heart and roots in the Langa area.


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"The realization of wishes is the art of possible."
As said by Renzo Lodali “The best or nothink”
and in this only way it should be.
Quality for us is a must, this ensure to whom choose us top quality and true authenticity.
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Vineyard Landscape of Piedmont: Langhe-Roero and Monferrato

This landscape covers five distinct wine-growing areas with outstanding landscapes and the Castle of Cavour, an emblematic name both in the development of vineyards and in Italian history. It is located in the southern part of Piedmont, between the Po River and the Ligurian Apennines, and encompasses the whole range of technical and economic processes relating to the winegrowing and winemaking that has characterized the region for centuries. Place of great wines known throughout the world such as Barolo, Barbaresco, Nebbiolo, Moscato in the rolling hills of the Langhe, like a gem set in a precious jewel, the small town of Treiso surrounded by neat rows exposed to the sun, lovingly cared for skill and passion for a unique wine universally recognized and appreciated.

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In the heart of the Langhe, a World Heritage Site, a land of culture and tradition of wine, Lodali is a reference point in the production, promotion and sale of fine wines. In these pages you will find information on our family winemaking tradition, on our activities in the cellar, in our country, about our wines.

Our invitation to visit us in the cellar and taste our wine as the best combination of passion, the tradition, the quality that has always distinguished us.

For any requirement and additional information, we will be happy to give you the knowledge of our wines: the preference that our customers allow us is the daily source of commitment to produce excellent wines, pleasures of the tables, delight the palate, Italian product of quality, summary of a wine culture universally recognized.


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